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About Dynamic Control Systems

We are a Group of Young, Dynamic, Experienced & Proficient Engineers having sound knowledge in the field of various aspects of Electrical, Automation & instrumentation Engineering. We have handled numerous projects in different parts of India. Projects that we had executed so far comprise of Industrial Projects in Steel Industry, Cement Industry, Electrical Generating Stations and different machinaries in Automobile, Pharma, Packing Machinaries. One of the remarkable edge that we have on the other groups is that we have a sound support of responsible technical team with us at the time of handling the technical issues at various site situations which is undoubtedly a very important characteristic that a project team must have in order to run the project smoothly.

"DYNAMIC CONTROL SYSTEMS"- AUTHORISED CHANNEL PARTNER FOR MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED FOR FACTORY AUTOMATION PRODUCTS, is headed by Saji K Philip Started the operations of sales and service support for the Mitsubishi factory automation products with the personalized strength of experience in various areas of all type of industries , keen in providing services in the existing system or for the new expansion / modification. Our strength is once we associated with a customer is customer stay with us.

Our Vision and Mission

Dynamic Control System's Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision remains clear and simple. It is to help businesses become more efficient through our diverse range of solutions.

Our Mission

What brings us to work every day is our mission of providing cutting-edge automation products to our customers and helping them stay ahead.

Our Products

FX series
  • Worldwide Compatibility
  • Internationally Approved
  • Flexible Solutions
IQ-F Series
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Superior Drive Control
  • Intutive Programming Environment
Q series
  • Improved Productivity
  • More User Friendly
  • Easy Maintenance
L series
  • The MELSEC-L Series has been designed based on a passion for creation, trustworthy technology and reliability.
  • This concept also applies to system installation and operation.
  • With various I/O functions as standard inclusions, the MELSEC-L Series serves to improve work efficiency by realizing convenience, ease-of-use, and diverse control.
IQ-R series
  • The MELSEC iQ-R Series is a driving force behind revolutionary progress in the future of manufacturing.
  • The series provides scalable platform, up to 419 instructions per millisecond, 1200 steps program memory, synchronized control, data storing safety and wide compatibility and communication.
GOC 35
  • PLC with an inbuilt display
  • Annunciator and PB Lamps
  • Customizable MIMIC
  • Serial, Ethernet and MODBUS Connectivity
  • Analog IO
GOC 43
  • PLC with multiple inbuilt function
  • Large memory to handle and complex program
  • Interactive display
  • Easy Customization
  • Configurable annunciator panel
  • IoT Connectivity
  • Serial, Ethernet and MODBUS Connectivity
GOT 2000 Series
  • GT27 MODEL
  • GT25 MODEL
  • GT21 MODEL
GOT Simple
  • Beautiful high resolution display
  • Rich, vivid colors
  • Plentiful data capacity
  • FR- D700
  • FR-E700
  • FR-A800
  • FR- A800 Plus
  • FR - F800
  • FR - F700PJ
  • FR-CS80
  • Advanced one touch tuning
  • Tolerance against Instantaneous Power Failure
  • Absolute Position Detection System
  • Built-in Positioning Function
  • High Resolution Encoder
  • Compliance to Global Standards
  • Performance improvement
  • Program standardization
  • Integration with connectable devices
  • Improved drive system usability
  • Tool enhancement
  • Predictive/preventative maintenance
  • Interchangeability with previous generation models
  • Superior Performance
  • Can connect to CC-Link IE TSN to perform high-speed, high-precision control
  • Better Flexibility - Supports EtherCAT®
  • Unified height and depth across all servo amplifier capacities
  • Quick tuning
  • Advanced servo gain adjustment function
  • Advanced vibration suppression control
  • Robust filter
  • Expanded Machine Resonance Suppression Filter
  • Lost Motion Compensation Function
  • Built-in Positioning Function for Simple System
  • One touch tuning
  • Tough drive function
  • Built in regenerative function
  • Separated power supply for main and control circuit
  • Advanced vibration suppression control
  • Built-in Positioning Function
Vertical Type Robot
  • Optimized arm length and 6 joints for a broader range of movement support complex assembly and process operations.
  • Compact body and slender arms capable of covering a large work area and large load capacity.
  • Suitable for a broad range of layouts, from transporting machine parts to assembling electrical components.
  • Designed to withstand environmental conditions, making it ideal for a wide range of applications without having to worry about the installation environment.
Horizontal Type Robots
  • Highly accurate vision sensors and force sensors.
  • Preventing cable interference.
  • Dedicated motors.
  • Highly rigid arms and cutting-edge servo controls provide superb precision and speed.
  • Ideal for a wide range of fields, from high-volume production of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals that demands fast operation.
  • Predictive maintenance function.
  • Preventive maintenance function
  • MELFA-3D Vision enhancement function
  • Calibration assistance function.
  • Robot mechanism thermal compensation function
Collaborative Robots
  • Advanced in safety technology enable humans to share a workspace with our robots. In pursuit of operability, it can be used easily even without specialized knowledge of robots.
Air Circuit Breakers
  • Products as the main circuit protective device to make electrical equipment multifunctional.
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • Products for the protection of an overload, short-circuit basically.
Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers
  • Products for the protection of an overload, short-circuit and earth-leakage basically.
Miniature Circuit Breakers
  • For small ampere branch circuit, products for the protection of an overload, short-circuit (MCB) and earth leakage (RCCB/RCBO) basically.
Molded Case Circuit Breakers for DC Circuit (up to 1000VDC)
  • Circuit Breakers mainly used for Photovoltaic power generation system.
Accessories and Related Components
  • Products to extend the performance of a breaker by installing it in/on the breaker.
  • Switches load current by using electromagnet.
Motor Protection Relays
  • Protects the motor against burnout.
Motor Starters
  • Controls a motor and protects it from burnout.
Motor Circuit Breakers
  • A Motor circuit breaker is a device integrating Low voltage circuit breakers and Thermal Overload Relays functions
Related Components
  • For extension into facilities.
Electronic Multi Measuring Instruments (ME96 Series)
  • Equipped with a full function of measuring, output and transmission. It supports the realization of measuring and monitoring systems that are user-friendly and easy-to-see.
Electronic Multi Measuring Instruments (ME110Super-S Series)
  • Wide-angle-view LCD and High-brightness backlight;Motor start-up current masking;Misconnected wiring detrection;Test funtions;
  • This cutting-edge software delivers real-time visualization, mobility, analytics, and connectivity to deliver a contextualized view of enterprise operations for manufacturing, industrial automation, and smart buildings customers.
  • An end-to-end IoT Gateway solution that enables smart manufacturing by improving efficiency, productivity,traceability, documentation, quality of products and services with increased customer satisfaction.
DelphEon – Industrial IoT Solution
  • Enables device connectivity, data processing and management, application integration, security, access control, monitoring, alarm management, digital twin and integration with enterprise applications.
  • This integrated software suite includes various programming software for PLC, motion control, and GOT.
  • Professional designs. Maximized efficiency. Intuitive operations. All made possible by GT Works3. This integrated software is used to create professional screen designs for GOTs.
iQ Monozukuri Process Remote Monitoring
  • iQ Monozukuri Process Remote Monitoring is an application package to easily introduce IoT technologies to the shop floor, collect and visualize information of multiple devices, and collectively manage the information.

Our Services

Engineering & Design

To guarantee result-oriented, cost-effective and time-savvy outcomes, we ensure tailored, quicker, intelligent and adaptable engineering solutions supplied within the time pledged. Our Industrial Automation Experts provide end-to-end assistance for PLC, SCADA, HMI, consulting, designing, development, maintenance, bug fixing and support, as well as third party interfaces for process industries.

Industrial, Factory & Process Automation

What companies in the process/ manufacturing industry need the most is a technology partner who really understands their business. We understand that industrial/ process automation streamlines your business, improves workflow, and increases efficiency. Our experience and knowledge in both engineering and controls ensures that we deliver the right automation solutions when we work with you.

SCADA System Integration

Dynamic Control System can design and build SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems able to meet varied project requirements in Industrial Process and Machinaries.

Industrial IoT Solution Development

Enables device connectivity, data processing and management, application integration, security, access control, monitoring, alarm management, digital twin and integration with enterprise applications.

Embedded System

We design and supply high quality solution for Industrial and Residential application in Embedded System.

Project Training

Dynamic Control Systems is committed to helping fresh graduates achieve the skills and expertise required to take their careers to the next level.

Our Clients